About Us: Sabai Jai

"Sabai Jai is a Thai expression used when you are feeling comfortable, relaxed, and happy in your heart! This is the feeling we want to share with our customers." 
                                            - May Kittawong
                                              Owner at Sabai Jai

Sawasdee ka! (Hello!)

Welcome to Sabai Jai, where the heart of Thailand’s heritage is lovingly stitched into every bag we create. Our journey began as a close-knit team of friends, artisans, and designers, inspired by the rich cultural medley of Northern Thailand and our family connections to the Hmong hill tribes. It's here, amidst serene mountain landscasabai jai may kittawong and staff team sitting together so cutepes, that the story of each Sabai Jai bag begins.


Our Story: Crafting Culture with Care

At Sabai Jai, we see our bags as more than just accessories; they are a celebration of Thai tradition, brought to life through contemporary design. Our artisans, with their deep-rooted skills passed down through generations, meticulously handcraft each piece, infusing them with the soul of Thai culture. From vibrant wristlets to elegant clutches, our range symbolizes a blend of traditional artisanship and modern functionality.

Using sustainable practices and locally sourced materials, we strive to create not just aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally conscious products. We believe in fashion that tells a story – one of heritage, craftsmanship, and mindful living.


Ethical Fashion, sabai jai hmong hill tribe artisan woman hand stitching spiral design fabricGlobal Reach

Every Sabai Jai bag is a testament to ethical fashion. By choosing our products, you’re not just embracing a unique style; you’re also supporting the artisans and their families, contributing to preserving their way of life. It's a commitment to uplifting communities and sustaining traditional arts.

We take pride in our global reach. Whether you’re exploring our collection on Amazon for swift delivery in the US, our special curated Etsy collection, or browsing our full range on our website, each piece you select is a handcrafted gem from the heart of Thailand.


Join Us on This Beautiful Journey

Sabai Jai invites you to be part of this beautiful journey. Each bag you choose is not just a fashion statement, but a part of a larger story – one of love, care, and sustainable beauty. We hope that the joy we experience in creating these bags is reflected in every piece you choose, bringing a little piece of Thailand’s spirit into your life.

Thank you for embracing Sabai Jai. Together, we can make the world a little more colorful, one bag at a time.


Our Commitment to Sustainability and Artisanshipsabai jai natural materials local organic cotton

In every thread and color, you’ll find a commitment to sustainability and preserving the environment. We use natural materials, avoiding harmful chemicals, ensuring that our impact on the planet is as gentle as our artisanship.


Reaching Out to the World

Our international shipping makes it easy for you to receive a piece of Thailand, no matter where you are. For faster delivery in the US, visit our Amazon Store, where we offer a variety of our handcrafted products.


Wholesale and sabai jai box amazon shipping international deliveryCollaborations

Interested in wholesale purchases or collaborations? We’re excited to partner and share our story on a larger scale. Please reach out to us for more information.